Northwood Builders
of the Chippewa Valley LLC
We want every home to be the perfect home
About Us

As a leading provider of Custom Building and Remodeling, I take pride in offering the best materials. I am dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Keith Dewitz of Northwood Builders want every home he builds "to be the perfect home."

Keith started Northwood Builders in 1992. At Northwood Builders, Keith participates in the actual labor of constructing the home, from roughing-in to finishing. Working with Northwood Builders includes having Keith spend time with the homeowners individually. "I'm very thorough and offer dedicated time to each customer." A lot of time and fine tuning go into each home, and into selecting the best materials to use. There isn't any difference in effort and quality at either end of the price range. Working with me is going to be an enjoyable experience.You save for the biggest investment of your life, and you want your dream to come true. I do, too.

As for the future of the company, I plan to continue doing what I do best, in the same way that has already brought me success for close to a couple of decades.